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The Podcast Host Academy

The Podcast Host Academy is a learning community that helps anyone launch, grow and earn an income from their show. We do that through live coaching, deep courses, quick-win resources and an active, supportive community. We run our live coaching every two weeks, where you have direct access to talk to one of our podcasting team. Our action-based courses are available on-demand, and show you the deep how-to. Our quick-win resources offer checklists and plans to streamline your work, from editing processes to interview templates. And our community is supportive, active and loves to help. If you're just starting out, or looking to grow your show, either way we can give you a hand.

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Podcast Launch Package

The Podcast Host launch package is designed to take the weight off your shoulders when it comes to podcasting. We take care of all of the technical elements, and offer a range of support, mentoring you through the launch of your podcast.

We'll work with you to design your new show, along with figuring out the strategy around it. Then we'll help you with equipment, and in producing and publishing your show on a regular basis. This package includes production of your first 4 episodes.

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